Parlay awards $500 scholarship to Albany St. University student

As we continue our quest to assist students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, The Parlay Foundation is elated to announce we have given ANOTHER scholarship to a student at Albany St. University.

Janaycia Jones (Sophomore) has worked very hard to maintain an upstanding academic performance. She was submitted by her church and we found her work ethic to be outstanding. "She is a hardworking young lady and deserves all the support she can get," said Sonji Parker, a Ministry Worker at 2nd Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Albany, GA.

Jaynaycia received a $500 scholarship to go towards her books/tuition. "Anytime we can help a student at an HBCU, we know we are investing in our future," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Founder. 

"I am grateful for this opportunity and I thank all of the Parlay supporters for investing into my future," said Janaycia. 

The Parlay Foundation raises money every Friday through our 'I Got 5 On It Friday' program which challenges our supporters to give $5 or more to support the HBCU Student of the Week.

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