Parlay celebrates 100,000 logins and views

Parlay celebrates 100,000 logins and views

On January 22, 2024, Parlay surpassed 100,000 app logins/views. It is monumental for the growth of this special space in which so many people are gravitating to for news, information, and networking.


Parlay began in 2017 as a small community of friends, networking and sharing the joy of community outreach projects. The app was designed by Company CEO, Reaux Fareal, and his sons in February 2023. "We designed the app to bridge interests, regions, races, ages, and most of all... outreach," he said at a small gathering of friends to celebrate the 100,000 landmark.

Reaux Fareal's close friends and supporters joined together for a celebration of the app at 2 Phat Vegans in Algiers, LA. The restaurant is one of the newest sponsors in the New Orleans region. Parlay was able to pack the restaurant out with no available seats as Reaux Fareal shared the progress and future of the app to his team. 

Vibe95 was the hot topic of the night. It has been the main drawing piece for the rapid growth of the app. The Parlay owned radio station boasts that it is the #1 rated Afrobeat station in the world. The excitement surrounding Vibe95 was evident during the celebration party for Parlay this week.

Part of Vibe95's success is due to, The Daily Vibe, a daily show filled with music as well as conversation about the hot news points of the day. It airs from 7-9a and 4-6p CST. The show is simulcast on several other stations as well.

Reaux said the goal for this year is 250,000 logins and views. "We were able to do 100,000 views with just half of a year of promotion because we technically didn't start promoting the app until June 2023. It takes a lot of time, commitment, and sacrifice, but we're ready for the next level."

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