Parlay Foundation gives $500 donation to help Clark Atlanta student

Parlay Foundation gives $500 donation to help Clark Atlanta student

The Parlay Foundation continues to help HBCU students who are struggling with financial aid. Every Friday the program gives financial assistance to a deserving student at a Historically Black College and University through our "HBCU5" initiative where supporters donate $5 weekly on social media. 

Edward Long

On January 6, 2023, the foundation partnered with Empowering Destiny of Atlanta. It's an organization run by Edward Long, son of the late Bishop Eddie Long. Empowering Destiny has helped students at various HBCUs in the Atlanta area with tuition, housing, and even job placements within the city. 

"There are many families in need and when we are able to partner with organizations like Parlay in a whole different state, it is a reminder that God's love is global and we are all in this together," said Edward Long, who is also a Minister and Community Activist in Atlanta.

This is not the first time Parlay has helped a student in Atlanta, partnering with Empowering Destiny. "I know their program is legit and Ed's work in the community is visible and effective," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Foundation Founder. Both leaders have done extensive work engaging churches and students between Louisiana and Georgia. Empowering Destiny is a 501c3 in the state of Georgia.

Universities are not permitted to share a student's identity when receiving financial assistance due to privacy policies unless the student gives permission.

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