Parlay gives scholarship to med student at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL

Parlay gives scholarship to med student at Edward Waters College in Jacksonville, FL
When we see students who are focused and determined, it should prompt us to invest and push the student higher. That's exactly what our supporters saw in Asiah Cheek when we awarded her our weekly scholarship recipient.

Cheek, a native of West Point, GA, is a student at Edward Waters College in 2017 as a first generation student to start her journey of becoming someone who would change the world. Since being a student of EWC, she has been actively involved in many organizations (SGA, Foundation for Fortitude, Delta Sigma Theta, Miss EWC - Ebony Magazine Campus Queen, Presidential Scholar, UF Intern, etc) as well as maintained an outstanding GPA of 3.97 as a Biology/PreMed major.

She was submitted as our Student of the Week by Lady Shujuan Edwards (Delta Sigma Theta). "If anyone will change the world, we know Asiah can. She is one of the most hardworking students I have ever encountered," said Edwards.

Trying to stay in school, Cheek has faced several financial struggles but never gave up hope that she would graduate and continue her educational journey. "Everything about Asiah fits the profile of the kind of students we have to invest in. We typically give our students $500 each week to help with books and tuition. When families are trying to maintain, every dime counts. We do our best to contribute to students who are seriously trying to excel," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Founder.

"I aspire to become a physician who serves underrepresented minorities, and as I’ve began to navigate this career path, I have encountered multiple financial barriers that can be difficult to overcome (ie MCAT prep material). Nonetheless, I remain determined in my pursuit; I graduate EWC in Spring 2021 and plan to began medical school in Fall 2022. THANK YOU ALL for sowing into my future," said Cheeks.

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