Reaux Fareal speaks to 600 students at Monroe High School

Reaux Fareal speaks to 600 students at Monroe High School

Real Black History is not even allowed to be taught in many High Schools across America and when it is taught, it is certainly watered down. One of the perks of Black students who attend predominately Black High Schools is their opportunity to receive information about their culture and heritage without restraints.

Parlay CEO and Founder, Reaux Fareal, was given the opportunity to do just that at Carroll High School in Monroe, LA.

"This was the best Black History program I have ever attended in my life," said one of the students. "What he was saying made a lot of sense," said Devon Harris, a Sophomore at Carroll.

Reaux spoke on how today's Black Culture has adopted many of its worst attributes from slavery. "Master called Black men niggers. Today, Black men call each other niggers. Master treated Black women poorly. Today, Black men treat Black women poorly," he explained. "We have to reverse our mindset in order to progress."

Reaux gave the 600 students a one hour performance of Spoken Word, Singing, and History all in one impactful one man set and the students were glued to him, taking in everything he lectured.

"I wanted to do something different this year. I wanted to do our Black History program in a way that would entertain them and excite them to learn about their history," explained Janice Fleming, Black History Program Coordinator. 

Carroll High School in Monroe, LA is one of the oldest Black High Schools in the state of Louisiana and at one time it was the only high school available to Blacks in Ouachita Parish. The High School is one of Louisiana's athletic dynasties and is the home of many of Louisiana's most well-known politicians.

"It was an honor to be at Carroll. There is so much history in the school itself and I am glad I was able to enlighten and impact such a wonderful group of students," said Reaux Fareal. While at Carroll he also gave the Senior and Junior Class students resources for every HBCU in America.

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