Reaux Fareal hosts Artist Development Workshop for New Orleans poets

Spoken Word is arguably the most overlooked and underappreciated artfrom in the world according to Parlay Founder, Reaux Fareal. "The whole artform is not esteemed on the level of other artforms because it lacks the structure and organization that is so common in Sports and in Music," he explained. "There is no system set up to govern this art, there are no major platforms designated to expose the art, and there is no educational tool on the collegiate level to prepare anyone to pursue Spoken Word as a profession."

Reaux, a veteran Spoken Word Artist who has been engaged and involved on the National Scene for over 20 years, is a member of the New Orleans based arts community commonly know as NAK (Nola Arts Krewe). The organization hosts monthly and weekly Open Mic events throughout the city and one of those events is spearheaded by the Parlay Team.

Reaux Fareal with Millionbagz (Rapper)
Reaux Fareal with Sabrina Hayes (Poet)

"There is some unbelievable talent in this city. I wanted to provide them with the tools they need to take their talents to the next level but also to provide insight on how to brand their gifts and make income thru the events in which they perform. The bible says our gifts should make room for us. Well, it's time to prepare artists for their rooms," said Reaux Fareal, who hosted the gathering of artists at his home in New Orleans.

Spoken Word Aritsts, Rappers, and Singers attended the impromptu workshop and were givent the chance to offer constructive criticism for each other but to also get advice from each other. Reaux is planning a series of workshops like this to enhance the artists and strengthen the Spoken Word and Arts Community in the New Orleans Metro Area.

(LtoR) Poet AllNillusion, Millionbagz (Rapper), and John James The Poet
(LtoR) Poets Supreme and Roc-It
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