Parlay helps Southern University band member stay in school, $500 scholarship

Parlay helps Southern University band member stay in school, $500 scholarship

The Parlay Foundation strikes again, helping another HBCU student with tuition debt. Southern University Band Director, Kedrick Taylor, reached out to Parlay seeking assistance for a band member who need financial assistance to remain in school.

"A lot of these kids are good kids and their families are doing all they can to keep them in school. Sometimes, it gets hard. Especially for kids coming from single parent families and families which are already struggling to maintain," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Foundation Founder. 

Taylor spoke very highly of Derrick Williams, a Sophomore at Southern University, who is also a band member. "Their family could use all the help they can get right now. He is a good kid and I would hate to lose him," said Taylor. Williams proved to be a qualified candidate for Parlay's weekly scholarship distributed to HBCU students to help with Tuition debt and Financial Assistance. 

Every Friday, the "I Got 5 On It Friday" campaign uses social media, challenging people to invest just $5 or more to help HBCU students with financial assistance. The program has helped many students and their families. "We know there is power in numbers. When we all do our small little part it helps to create a big result," said Reaux Fareal.

This past week, Parlay awarded Derrick Williams with a $500 scholarship to assist he and his mother with tuition and financial aid. "He is a good kid and he deserves it. He works very hard and I am excited for his future," said Taylor.

Williams was surprised and overwhelmed when he received the scholarship. "Thank you to The Parlay Foundation for their assistance in my financial situation. Your help has allowed me to further pursue my education and has given me the support needed to continue to do my best academically."

This is not the first time Parlay has helped Southern University students and especially the 'Human Jukebox' Band. "Southern is one of the greatest HBCU's in America. We have built a partnership with Southern's Band and hope to continue building the relationship to help the band continue to thrive," said Reaux Fareal.

In a recent interview, Taylor spoke very highly of Reaux Fareal and the Parlay Foundation. "Reaux has proven to be a man of action. He always comes through for my students. He and his supporters continue to bless students all over the country and I am forever grateful to this brother. Parlay is helping to change lives. Reaux is the real deal. This is true brotherhood," said Taylor.




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