App Views

As of Feb 20, 2024

In App Page Views: 124,096+

This is the number of in app pages that have been viewed by users within the app. For example, everytime a user clicks to view a page or a picture or a link, it is counted as a view. This is important because it tells you how much the user is engaged with the content on the platform.

Most Popular Regions:

1. Louisiana

2. Texas

3. Florida

4. Alabama

5. California

6. Georgia

7. North Carolina

8. Illinois

9. Massachusetts

10. Mississippi



55% African-American

30% White

10% Hispanic

5% Other


Female: 60%

Male: 35%

Other: 5%

Cities With The Most Users:

1. New Orleans, LA

2. Dallas, TX

3. Mobile, AL

4. Monroe, LA

5. Orlando, FL

6. Charlotte, NC

7. Houston, TX

8. Los Angeles, CA

9. Atlanta, GA

10. Shreveport, LA


These are the most viewed areas of the Parlay App.

1. The Home Page

2. Vibe95 Radio

3. News

4. Parlay Connect


6. Parlay TV

7. Book Bar

8. Store

9. Innergy Magazine

10. Love My Church

Radio Numbers

These are the most recent analytics for Vibe95 Radio Station.

Number of Listeners / Year:


Number or Listeners/Month:


Average Time Spent Listening:

17 mins per user

Highest Traffic Time:


Listeners By Regions:

1. Louisiana

2. Texas

3. North Carolina

4. Florida

5. Johannesburg, South Africa

6. Maryland

7. Kansas

8. Alabama

9. Missouri

10. Toronto, Canada

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