Wiley College student gets help from Parlay, pays off tuition debt

The HBCU Community as a whole share a common interest in helping deserving students get the financial assistance they need to continue higher education. At times these efforts are met with complications because so many students face the same issues every semester on every campus.

Alyssa Eichler, a Wiley College student from New Haven, Connecticut, took to social media to ask family and friends for support. "I am 18 years old and I am currently a student at Wiley College. There is a hold on my account. I can't apply for any courses this semester until I pay off the balance of $2,075."

Eichler explained that she lives with her elderly grandmother in Connecticut, who is not able to help her financially but she desperately wanted to return to school. Putting pride aside, she took to social media and plead for help. 

Alyssa Eichler, Wiley College Student

ShRonda Lynn, a Parlay follower, reached out to The Parlay Foundation to seek assistance for this young lady. Lynn confirmed her situation was legit and even supplied the Foundation with her Student ID number. Parlay Founder, Reaux Fareal, received a phone call from Lynn and Eichler and he encouraged Eichler to keep that fire in her heart to pursue her education and promised her, the foundation would help her. By the end of the day, The Parlay Foundation had sent her enough money to clear her remaining debt with the university.

In an email to The Parlay Foundation, Lynn wrote... 

"I have no words. Thank you so much for investing in me and restoring my hope. I really appreciate this organization and all the people who donate each week through the I Got 5 On It program. God bless you all."

Each week, the Parlay Foundation, raises money for HBCU students struggling with Family Issues and Financial Aid. Supporters donate $5 or more through social media and on the Parlay Website in a campaign called "I Got 5 On It Friday". Funds go to the Foundation for the students who apply for help.

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