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About Us

On December 24, 2013, Pastor Antoine M. Barriere invited Elder Eileen Lumar-Johnson newly, elevated Pastor of Special Needs at Household of Faith Family Worship Church to minister the gospel at Macedonia Full Gospel Baptist Church, located at 802 Third Street in New Orleans.

Pastor Eileen welcomed the opportunity to share with the Macedonia church family, as they were mourning the recent home going of their beloved Pastor, Dr. Andrew Johnson. Pastor Eileen had known Dr. Johnson, and his wife Lady Beverly Johnson, and was present the day Pastor Barriere sowed the 802 Third Street location into the Macedonia church family.

Pastor Eileen also had fond memories of 802 Third Street, for it was at that very building she accepted her call to ministry, and her husband Overseer Mark A. Johnson, Sr had accepted Christ and was baptized!
Pastor Eileen invited a host of her family members and friends to join her on Sunday, December 29, 2013 to minister at the 10:00am Worship Service at Macedonia. She boldly preached to the waiting congregation on that Sunday, thinking this would be her one and only visit.

However, by Thursday, January 2, 2014, Pastor Eileen was informed over dinner with her Pastor Antoine Barriere and his wife First Lady Dale Barriere, that after meetings with Bishop Paul S. Morton, Sr. (then presiding Bishop of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship), and Lady Beverly Johnson, that she had been recommended to serve as the Interim Pastor, with the option after 90 days of successful service to become the Senior Pastor at Macedonia Full Gospel Baptist Church.
So, with admitted hesitation, but in the fear of the Lord, on Sunday, January 5, 2014 it was official; Pastor Eileen and Overseer Mark stepped into the interim role and took over the ministry reins at Macedonia.

Things moved quickly with many new members joining the church, and by May 5, 2014, Pastor Eileen was installed as Senior Pastor at Macedonia Full Gospel Baptist Church.

In the months following the installation and with the help of the Holy Spirit Pastor Eileen and Overseer Mark organized a Board of Trustees, put together a Ministry leadership team, reassembled the church’s Music Ministry, oversaw renovations to the church’s exterior and interior, and developed a strategy to get the ministry financially sound.

With an anointed team of dedicated ministry leaders at their side and a faithful loving congregation, the Johnson’s were led of God to craft a new vision and name for the ministry, and on December 5, 2015 Grace & Glory Family Worship Church International, was birthed to compel all men to the saving grace of Jesus Christ!

Grace & Glory Family Worship Church has quickly become an endeared and active ministry in the community, and today with over 400 members signed to the rolls, this debt free church continues to partner with many local churches, businesses, social service organizations and the local media to bring positive change to God’s people from all races and socioeconomic backgrounds!

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