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Sunday, Sep 3, 2023

  • We will resume our weekly corporate fast this Tuesday. Nothing to eat or drink after 9pm on Monday until Noon on Tuesday!
  • Next Sunday is Communion Sunday and our World Vision distribution. Stay tuned for info on the items that will be donated to those in need!
  • Second Sunday is Youth & Young Adult Sunday! Our speaker is none other than our very own Sister Deishall Brown! All youth and young adults are encouraged to be in the house for this service designed especially for you!
  • Baptism is 3rd Sunday. Please pray for baptismal candidates as they enter a new life with Christ!
  • We do extend a friendly reminder to all Faith Mentors to reach out to your Mentees this week!
  • All male members and visitors of all ages are invited to our final Son’s Summit, Sunday, September 10 at 12:30pm. Topic Conquering Medical Mountains Dr. Dana Andrus will be our guest speaker!
  • September is Seasoned Saints month! We look forwarding to celebrating with our members 60 years and older! Our theme for the month is Still Seasoned.
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