A place of peace

A place of peace

Genesis 2:8
And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden;
and there he put the man whom he had formed.

  Wouldn't having our own little place of peace and solitude be nice? Whether or not we call it a man cave or woman cave, it's our little Garden of Eden.
  The original Garden of Eden was called a garden, but it was not a garden as thought of in modern times—a small patch of ground where fruits and vegetables grow.
  It was an expansive territory that spanned from Kenya in Africa to what some scholars say is modern-day Iraq. In it, God placed man in a state of luxury, peace, security, and protection from all hurt, harm, and danger. Yet, because of sin, this garden paradise was destroyed and turned into a literal desert, as it is today.
  The door was literally closed on Eden, never to be revisited. Never on this earth would mankind ever enjoy what was lost in Eden: perfect peace.
Perfect peace is only possible when we are in communion with God, which we achieve when we humble ourselves before him.

                                                 Black Perspective

  Many African Americans have experienced trauma and violence. This can make it difficult to find peace. However, we can create our own Garden of Eden by surrounding ourselves with positive people and activities. We can also find peace in the presence of the Lord. 
  We need peace because we have been subjected to racism and discrimination. This can make it difficult to feel safe and secure. However, we can find peace in knowing that God loves us and that he is with us. We can also find peace in working to create a more just and equitable society.

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