Apply for HBCU Financial Aid

Each week, The Parlay Foundation raises money for HBCU Students struggling with financial aid. If you or someone you know needs assistance, apply below. In the comments, tell us your story and why you need assistance. You must also include the name and number of a Community Leader, Pastor, or School Official who can vouch for your situation.

Requirements: You must be currently enrolled and an active student at an HBCU. Grad students are eligible as well. If you are not in school at the moment, provide info as to how long you have been suspended and how much is owed to the university.

Please note, there is a waiting list but your application will be reviewed and someone from our organization will reach out to you with further information.

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Make A Donation

The best way to gain a blessing is to simply be a blessing to someone else. Make a donation of $5 of more and help an HBCU Student keep pushing forward.

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