Black Man, where are you?

Black Man, where are you?

Genesis 3:9
“And the LORD God called unto Adam, and said unto him, Where art thou?”

  Just as God sought Adam’s presence in Eden, the African-American community often asks the same question because of the diminished presence of godly black men in family circles.
  While the number is declining, there are still millions of strong black men in America. Even though it's not shown, there are millions of black men who live and breathe in professional circles and have mastered the art of investing and providing secure futures for their families.
   Where are the black men? Somewhere between the myth of non-existence and the image of Sambo and Savage is today's black man. Present, but unseen. Active, but unfelt. Growing, but ignored. Fortunately, God is not impressed with the media's images of black men. God knows there is something other than Sambo and Savage. God knows there is something else to our men other than the intoxicated images flashed to the mindless masses.
  Today, as in Biblical times, God asks the same question he asked the first  man deep in the garden cuddled in the secure environs of Africa, "Adam, where art thou?" He beckons him to come forth and shoulder responsibility for his mistakes, rise above unfortunate circumstances, and carve out a glorious future.
  We are compelled to remember that God knows who we are and where we are at all times. He speaks, and we respond to the sound of his voice. He asks, and we answer. Today he asks, "Adam, where art thou?" and we are compelled to answer, "Here Lord, ready to serve!"
Black Perspective:

  African-American men should reject negative stereotypes, embrace our responsibilities, and recognize our potential to make a meaningful and positive difference in their families and communities.
  We should not be defined or limited by negative stereotypes and should strive to overcome them by living our lives in a positive and purposeful manner.
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