Bishop TD Jakes caught in social media persecution being associated with Diddy's private sex parties

Bishop TD Jakes caught in social media persecution being associated with Diddy's private sex parties

On December 21, 2023, TD Jakes, the most well-known pastor in America, went viral on the internet when a TikToker made some startling remarks about the pious leader.

A TikTok video from user MYEi$HiA appeared on X (formerly Twitter) on December 21. The video purports to show that R&B singer Cassie Ventura has given evidence incriminating Diddy to the FBI, one month after she filed a lawsuit accusing him of horrific acts of violence during their ten-year relationship.

The civil action between Ventura and the founder of Bad Boy Records has since been settled, however MYEi$HiA, a social media user, claimed that Ventura had given the FBI further information, including videos of Diddy's parties and Kim Porter, Diddy's ex-girlfriend. Porter, who was 47 years old when she died in 2018, reared four kids with Diddy.

The TikToker continued by claiming that Pastor TD Jakes, Diddy's close buddy, who conducted Kim Porter's funeral, was also implicated in an email. MYEi$HiA aired a video of an unidentified man claiming that Cassie had given videos of Diddy's purportedly lewd parties, which featured TD Jakes and other well-known figures. Jakes is said to have had many affairs during the gatherings.

It's crucial to remember that the outrageous statements are only unproven accusations posted on social media. That didn't stop people from responding to the accusations on various social media platforms, though, and TD Jakes became popular online.

Jakes was called "America's Best Preacher" by Time Magazine and "One of the Nation's Most Influential & Mesmerizing Preachers" by The New York Times. He is frequently spotted hanging out with celebrities, such as Diddy.

The strong association between TD Jakes and Diddy has recently come under scrutiny, as the former has been sued by several women who claim that the hip-hop mogul and his colleagues engaged in sexual misconduct.

Diddy has been transparent about his respect for the pastor, whom he said was instrumental in getting him through a difficult time in his life. Diddy and TD Jakes declared in 2021 that they would be working together to bring Diddy's exclusive sermon series to REVOLT TV, the top multi-media network controlled by Black people.

Online, some are finding it hard to believe a recent TikTok video that claims Diddy's ex-girlfriend Cassie has turned up evidence of the two men's misdeeds. The internet user also stated that the preacher had taken advantage of young men during Diddy's events.

Although there is no evidence to support the allegations made against Jakes, this is not the first problem involving the Bishop. 2009 saw the alleged self-exposure and indecent behavior by Jermaine Jakes, the son of TD Jakes, at Dallas' Kiest Park in front of two people who turned out to be undercover police officers. Jakes was taken into custody.

The rapper is currently dealing with four lawsuits from four different women who claim the hip-hop mogul assaulted them, in addition to the most recent allegations against Diddy and Jakes. She was gang-r*ped by Diddy and two other pals when she was seventeen years old, according to one of the cases.

On December 15, Diddy—who has refuted the accusations—returned to social media to honor his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter. Richard Coleman, the estranged husband of Bishop Cora Jakes-Coleman, the eldest daughter, was accused of sexually assaulting their adopted daughter last year.

It's crucial to avoid basing your conclusion on charges you've seen on social media. Bishop Jakes has an impressive background and record and is a very honorable man. Please treat these reports as hearsay unless there is concrete proof of these crimes.

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