Brandy and Ray J’s Mom shares update following health scare

Brandy and Ray J’s Mom shares update following health scare
Sonja Norwood, the mother of Ray J and Brandy, sent her followers an update after having a medical emergency that sent her to the hospital.

The Jasmine Brand claims that Norwood experienced a negative reaction following an IV vitamin drip given at home a few weeks prior. After being taken to the hospital quickly, she was eventually declared "okay" and let go.

Nov. 6: "I don't generally address stories about myself, but I was rather astonished to wake up to a call from a long-time friend/publicist asking, "Sonja, are you in the hospital, and are you okay?" is what the longtime music manager wrote on Facebook in response to the scenario. "What?" I questioned, "Where is that coming from?" I was unaware of a story published on TMZ. I scowled and remarked, "That was weeks ago," and "They could have gotten my age right," after she forwarded me the link. Then my phone was suddenly overrun by a torrent of worries.

"Thank God I'm not in the hospital," Norwood went on. I'm doing fantastic! WEEKS AGO, I did experience a bad reaction from IV vitamin therapy! It didn't really matter. I received an impressive Grade A on my medical reports after visiting the hospital.Well, that's it! No more, no less! You are the finest, folks! Stay calm with TMZ.

Norwood allegedly had lightheadedness after receiving an IV drip at home that contained a combination of calcium, magnesium, and B and C vitamins.

"Christmas Party for Two," a new holiday single by Brandy, has been published in the interim.

The song is from her debut Christmas album, "Christmas with Brandy," which Motown Records is releasing on November 10. As previously announced, the project is Brandy's first album since the highly regarded "B7" from 2020 and includes both original music and classic holiday covers.

The tracks "Someday At Christmas," originally performed by Stevie Wonder, "Jingle Bells," "Deck the Halls," and "Christmas Gift," which features vocals from Brandy's daughter Sy'Rai, are all included on "Christmas with Brandy."
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