K. Michelle says she underwent 13 surgeries, blames "the industry"

K. Michelle says she underwent 13 surgeries, blames "the industry"
After giving in to the demands of perfection in the entertainment industry, K. Michelle underwent years of corrective medical treatments to regain her natural curves.

The singer revealed the beginning of her journey to have illicit butt injections removed in 2018. These injections spread to her lower extremities and raised health issues.

She has since given her followers sporadic updates on her travels. She described the full scope of the procedure in a recent interview with The Shade Room. "I underwent 13 surgery for an a— in a one year. You went through all of this, and for an a— you almost lost your life, K. Michelle replied. The "Love 'Em All" singer claimed that the stories ladies told her about their near-death experiences and her own health problems brought on by the silicone additions were what spurred her to go public with the removal procedure.

The Florida A&M University alumna went on to say that before pursing a career as a professional singer, she had no problems with her body image. She claimed that despite having little teeth and a smaller breast, she was okay. However, being among women who had enhanced their assets eventually had a negative impact on her self-confidence.

The former "Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta" star added, "I did it because I saw other people in the industry and I thought that was the way." "Until the industry, I was unaware that certain things were required and expected. Then it became really "I have to do this." The worst s—t I've ever seen. The mother of one mentioned in another section of the interview that she has been working to recover confidence in her body without the extra curves. She pointed to her hips and said, "There is a very, like, I got a dent right here, like I got a dent right here."

"I feel like I'll be pondering that question more often: 'Are you healed or are you just numb?'" When you do 13 procedures in a calendar year, you must literally consider... I won't have the same appearance, K. Michelle said. As a result, admirers commented, "It's the absolute honesty, and genuine concern for others that keeps me in her corner!"

Society will tell you to mend everything and not care once you're dead. Don't let them kill you, people. another wrote.

She still requires two reconstructive procedures, according to the Memphis native, in order to conclude that chapter of her life, but it is unclear if she will go with them.
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