Steve Harvey ready to rundown anybody talking about his wife

Steve Harvey ready to rundown anybody talking about his wife
Steve Harvey is prepared to purge his group of gossipers who have been spreading untrue information about his marriage.

According to the source, "Steve's reached the point in his life and career where he'd love nothing more than to take a step back," according to Radar Online.

The tea spiller said, "He's a really hands-on workaholic who's known for micromanaging but insists it's not by choice. The problem is that when he lets off the gas, chaos ensues, as shown most recently in this social media meltdown.

Harvey addressed allegations of infidelity against Marjorie Bridges, his wife of 16 years, last month.

Marjorie has allegedly been having sex with Harvey's security officer, according to social media users, Hot New Hip Hop claimed. Onstage at the Invest Fest in August, the comic addressed the rumors.

Harvey addressed the crowd, "I don't know what y'all doing, but find something else to do, 'cause we good. Have mercy, Lord. But I sure wish I could curse. Sometimes all you want to do is answer. But since God has been so wonderful to me, I don't have time for rumors and gossip. I appreciate you coming, and I'm still sparkling.

Marjorie is allegedly involved in an extramarital relationship with the family's chef in the meantime. Radar reports that Harvey, though, is adamant that the cheating allegation is untrue.

The insider said, "Steve is prepared to track down and expel anyone who spreads rumors about him and his family."

As we previously reported, Nigerian Senator Ned Nwoko responded to the allegations of cheating by defending his friend.

Senator Nwoko said on social media, "When we read about our friend Steve Harvey and his lovely wife having issues, we had to contact Him." "He said that he and his wife are doing great and that this is all bogus news that shouldn't be believed. We wish the family nothing but the best because they are a happy family.

Radar reports that an insider co-signed his comments, stating that "Steve's not about to let any rumors come between him and his wife."

The source continued, "He's going to be wielding the ax and everybody's got their head on a swivel." "Those around him are treading carefully."

Harvey recently reacted to claims that Marjorie was to blame for the breakdown of his last marriage.
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