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New Cadillace Escalade IQ will get 450m on a full charge

New Cadillace Escalade IQ will get 450m on a full charge

The Escalade IQ joins the Lyriq SUV and Celestiq ultraluxury automobile in pushing the American luxury brand toward electrification. It turns the Escalade, a dazzling full-sized SUV, into a supersized electrified SUV.

From its size and dash display to its enormous battery and high power output, this model is bold.

Between the Escalade and the ESV, it offers luxury and extravagance to attract 1 percenters.

Cadillac estimates it will cost $130,000, $50,000 more than a gas-powered Escalade. Upgrades raise it to $175,000.

Beginning in summer 2024, GM's Factory Zero Detroit-Hamtramck will build the Escalade IQ.

It costs like a European ultraluxury car. Cadillac's big dash display, Super Cruise, and four-wheel steering help the Escalade IQ compete in that sector.

Power, driving range, and fast recharge periods (at compatible public DC fast chargers) may be its biggest draw.

Front and rear lights emphasize Cadillac styling. The side taillights resemble orange safety cones and are stunning.

The rear corners have a “floating roof” like the Lexus RX and other contemporary models. This style method lightens and separates roof and pillar features with black trim.

There is a front trunk, or "frunk," under the hood where the engine would be. This storage holds two golf bags, increasing the vehicle's flexibility.

A panoramic glass roof lets the sun in and makes the cabin seem expansive.

An entrance system opens and closes the front and rear doors with a button. Program the driver's door to open on approach.

There will be Luxury and Sport trims. Each has trim flourishes, with Luxury having brushed aluminum and Sport black metal. A black roof will provide a two-tone look.

Screens dominate the sleek interior, with a curved 55-inch display spanning pillars. Choose from 126 ambient lighting colors. These features are typical of Mercedes-Benz cars.

Qualcomm's Snapdragon Cockpit Platform powers the infotainment system's Google Assistant, Maps, and Play integration. Drivers may view current traffic, find nearby chargers, post charge locations, and customize with applications.

A power-folding third row seats seven and offers versatility.

Standard automated parking moves the large equipment into parallel and perpendicular parking slots by controlling steering, braking, and shifting. Its 360-degree surround-view camera system views the car during parking.

Front and rear adaptive independent suspensions allow the Escalade IQ to dynamically adapt to driving conditions. This should smooth out uneven spots and tighten for aggressive handling. This adaptable mechanism lowers the car two inches for simpler access and highway aero efficiency. To navigate speed bumps or difficult dirt roads, it may be increased an inch from neutral. The ground clearance is usually 6.9 inches.

The 24-module lithium-ion battery holds over 200 kWh, giving Cadillac a 450-mile range. Public DC fast charging is possible with its 800-volt design. GM claims this could restore 100 miles of range in 10 minutes under optimal conditions. Initial photos show the Escalade IQ with a CCS connector, but GM has committed to using Tesla's NACS by 2025. Learn about GM's NACS action.

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