College under fire for new course teaching 'Black people should be considered disabled'

College under fire for new course teaching 'Black people should be considered disabled'
A new Princeton University course has come under criticism for allegedly teaching its pupils that all black people are disabled.

Satyel Larson, well-known for her work on pro-Palestinian movements, says that institutional racism in the United States has rendered black men and women inherently crippled.

"Black Lives Matter and the struggle to end Israeli occupation of Palestine are not only movements 'allied' with disability rights, nor are they only distinct disability justice issues," according to a book from the class.

"Rather, I am motivated to think of these fierce organizing practices collectively as a disability justice movement itself, as a movement demanding an end to so many prioritization conditions that debilitate many populations."

System racism, also known as structural racism, has been shown to harm black men and women in the United States.

According to a Brookings Institution report, the United States is a racist country.

However, detractors of the class believe that Larson's teachings deprive Black men and women of agency, and that their lack of agency makes them more vulnerable to exploitation, not less.

Larson has been chastised for other reasons as well.

Larson teaches in the same class that the Israeli army, which has long been at war with Palestine, intentionally maims Palestinians for profit.

This remark has infuriated Jewish officials, who think Larson's beliefs are "antisemitic."

The World Jewish Congress's president, Ronald Lauder, has called on Princeton University to remove Larson and apologize to its students.

Neither has occurred as of this writing.
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