Republican radio host humiliated after saying Statue of Liberty is American architecture

Republican radio host humiliated after saying Statue of Liberty is American architecture

A social media post by a conservative talk show host on Monday appeared to praise the Statue of Liberty, which France gave to the United States, as the pinnacle of American architecture, drawing harsh criticism.

On Christmas Eve, Jesse Kelly, who publicly conjectured in 2021 that Republicans would grow weary of "following the rules" and "pick a fascist" to lead the party, said on social media that American art and architecture outshine those of Europe.

On Sunday, he stated, "People love to sound sophisticated and brag about European art and architecture." "I've seen America and what they have to offer. They are unable to touch ours. Kelly also attached a picture of the Statute of Liberty to that text.

The social networking site responded to Kelly's post with a "community note," stating that "readers added context to this image."

The note reads, "French sculptor Bartholdi designed the copper statue, which was a gift from the people of France. Eiffel built the metal framework." October 1886 saw the dedication of the statue. Abolitionist de Laboulaye came up with the concept to honor the 100th anniversary of American independence.

Kelly replied, "I thought [Elon Musk] taking over would let freedom ring on this site," in response to the community post.

The radio host said, "I guess I was mistaken." "I apologize, but these colors don't work." He also added an American flag.

The apparent inaccuracy was also brought up by the comments.

In the comments, one person said, "Made in France, bro."

"That was a gift from France," said Ana Braga, an authenticated account. "This explains why it's crucial that you finish school!"

"While I agree that American culture is obviously superior, this was literally made by France," commented David Duhme, a second verified commenter.

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