South Louisiana to experience an "Arctic Freeze' as hard rain and cold air hits

South Louisiana to experience an "Arctic Freeze' as hard rain and cold air hits

A wave of Arctic air is currently sweeping through, bringing potential hazards such as frozen pipes, icy roads, and the risk of frostbite to the New Orleans area. This Arctic air mass is encompassing the entire eastern two-thirds of the U.S., possibly setting record-low temperatures in parts of Southeast Louisiana. Multiple alerts are in place for the region.

A Winter Weather Advisory is active until 9 am Tuesday, particularly for the Northshore, River Parishes, and segments of the South Shore. These areas could experience a light round of freezing rain, with the possibility of a glaze of ice. A hard freeze is anticipated along the Northshore, extending to a freeze along the coast. A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect for the Northshore, while a Freeze Warning covers mainly the South Shore. Additionally, a Wind Chill Advisory is issued, especially where temperatures could feel as cold as single digits and teens, thanks to strong winds. The coldest air is expected to persist through Tuesday night.

As temperatures plummet into the teens and 20s, the wind chill factor, intensified by strong north winds, will make it feel even colder. Concerns also arise about potential ice on the roads, particularly along the Northshore, River Parishes, and the South Shore, where light freezing rain is a possibility until early Tuesday morning. The advised periods to exercise caution on the roads are from around midnight to 7 am Tuesday.

Tuesday itself is forecasted to be exceptionally cold. Despite breaking into sunshine in the afternoon, gusty north winds will make daytime highs, which may not exceed the 30s, feel more akin to freezing temperatures or colder. The coldest night is anticipated on Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, with lows plunging to around 12 degrees, prompting a Hard Freeze Warning for the entire region. Although the winds are expected to ease, any breeze will contribute to an intensely cold sensation, leading to the issuance of another Wind Chill Advisory.

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