Saints rookie WR already a favorite by fans and coaches

Saints rookie WR already a favorite by fans and coaches
In their opening preseason game, New Orleans defeated the defending Super Bowl winners, and rookie wide receiver A.T. Perry perhaps had the biggest game of any offensive Saints player. The Wake Forest graduate has six receptions for 70 yards and a touchdown in his first game as a professional. While the box score is undoubtedly remarkable, quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Dennis Allen were equally as impressed by his performance.

Although A.T. Perry did not participate in the Saints' first-team offense, he was present when the second-team offense took the field in the middle of the first quarter. This demonstrates that the sixth-round pick has already started to move up the depth chart, and his strong performance helped him land a spot on the team. Dennis Allen, the head coach, offered an overall favourable assessment of the rookie's play to media after the game.

Seeing was enjoyable. I believed he took a good step and made a good catch. Although that was good, I don't like how he went for the goal line there at the end after scoring his first touchdown. He made a few contested catches, and in my opinion he was able to run down the field, plant a foot, and then turn around and make some space. In my opinion, he played well.

The only mistake Perry made was when he nearly fumbled while stretching for the goal line after receiving the touchdown. Even though this could have been a critical error, mistakes of this nature are worked out with practice. The key aspect is that Perry distinguished himself for the Saints, and his replacement quarterback noticed the effort.

The National Football League, after all. After the game, Derek Carr said, "It's not easy out there. "I'm so proud of him for going out and playing the way he did...He was highlighted today. It was good since he frequently received the ball.

A.T Perry's excellent debut doesn't necessarily imply he'll be a key part of the Saints passing offense for years to come because it's risky to draw conclusions from preseason performances. Perry should have a good chance of making the final roster, though, based on the depth chart.

Chris Olave is already a standout wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints, and Michael Thomas appears to be another solid choice. No matter what, Olave will be the best option in this passing attack, and if Thomas can remain healthy, he has a good chance of winning the WR2 position. Things then start to become intriguing.

With just 34 targets, Rashid Shaheed showed great promise as a rookie, catching in 28 receptions for 488 yards and two scores. He could develop into a dependable deep danger if he can maintain this, although the most of his work was contained in a single sample. For all we know, this was a one-off coincidence. Perry ought to remain the fourth receiver on the Saints depth chart even if Shaheed turned out to be the genuine deal. The only other noteworthy players are Tre'Quan Smith, who can easily dismissed for salary cap reasons, and James Washington, a backup journeyman who hasn't caught a pass since 2021.

Finally, A.T. Perry ought to be given a chance to fill a smaller role on the Saints depth chart with the potential to advance if and when injuries occur. That's a really good investment in terms of sixth-round picks.
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Dude had one hell of a game! Looking forward to seeing him grow with the Saints system.


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