Lego's 5,200-piece Avengers Tower set ships with 31 minifigures

Lego's 5,200-piece Avengers Tower set ships with 31 minifigures

Another Marvel Cinematic Universe-based Lego set was just shown, and boy, is it amazing. Standing at almost three feet tall, the enormous 5,200-piece Avengers Tower set (76269) comes with 31 minifigures, including Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios. Additionally, it comes with a number of dioramas that allow you to assemble many of the pivotal scenarios that happened in Avengers Tower, ranging from the Age of Ultron party scene to the original movie's Chitauri combat.

The collection will set you back an eye-watering $500 when it releases on November 24. Nevertheless, this collection is the most minifigure-filled and the 17th largest that the firm has ever produced. In addition to Feige, there are figures representing almost every significant character that has been in Avengers Tower throughout the films, including Captain America, Thor, Loki, and a few Ultron drones. Even the Hulk has a suitable scale.

Apart from the tower itself, which opens up to accommodate internal scenes, the set includes an invading ship from Chitauri and a Quinjet. In addition, a plethora of accessories are included to assist position the minifigures in a range of exciting situations. The shawarma joint across the street is pretty much the only thing that is absent.

As was already established, this is not Lego's first set that is related to the MCU. The business has unveiled a massive Hulkbuster suit from Age of Ultron, which is part of Iron Man's armory and a fight scene from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, among other things. A Miles Morales figure and a Daily Bugle collection are among the sets that have been produced that are based on other Marvel properties. Beyond superheroes, Lego released an Xbox 360-based kit and a cool Pac-Man arcade system set this year.

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