Parlay gives water to NOLA Band in 8 Mardi Gras parades

Parlay gives water to NOLA Band in 8 Mardi Gras parades

For the rest of the world, Mardi Gras is on Fat Tuesday. But, in New Orleans... Carnival Season begins in January. The New Orleans Metro Area hosts more than 60 Mardi Gras parades during Carnival. 

'Nola Leg' short for New Orleans Legacy of Bands, understand the financial strain High School Bands go through when participating in these parades. The organization led a campaign to collectively provide water for the students walking miles during parades.

The Parlay Foundation responded to the challenge and pledged water to one of our adopted schools, Edna Karr High School on the Westbank of New Orleans. Band Director Chris Harrero told Reaux Fareal (Parlay Founder) that the water is definitely appreciated due to how many parades his band participates in.

Karr is one of the most notable bands in the state. The school's band has won many Battle of The Bands, including the most recent one in which the school took 1st Place and a $10k check.

Karr's band has also been featured in two Beyonce pieces as well as other notable opportunities within the entertainment industry. This year, Karr's Band will be featured in 8 different

Mardi Gras parades. The band, with over 100 students and associate departments, have to travel to parades, walk in them while performing, and sometimes do another parade on the same day. "It can be exhausting," said Harrero, "but it's great for the community and the kids love it."



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