Parlay helps teen get $2000 Grant for making a positive impact in New Orleans

New Orleans Teen Rapper, Lareezy, may just be a rapper to his fans and followers but to The Parlay Brand, he is so much more than just an entertainer. At 19 years old, Lareezy, has taken a bold stand against Violence in Music. That bold stand made him eligible to a grant set up by the 7th Ward Neighborhood & Business Association in New Orleans.

Dr. Mona Lisa Scott, Chairwoman for the initiative, reached out to community leaders about honoring teens under 20 years old who are engaging the community in a positive way and have established themselves as young entrepreneurs. A supporter of The Parlay Brand connected Dr. Scott with Reaux Fareal and began the process of selecting deserving teens who qualify.

"I thought this program was outstanding. Teens who do right and try to represent themselves in a positive manner are usually overlooked. However, just as adults get paychecks and bonuses for their hardwork, kids deserve incentives as well for their hardwork," said Reaux Fareal, who submitted Lareezy to the organization.

When Dr. Scott saw Lareezy's credentials and his resume she was blown away. "This kid is amazing and he embodies exactly what we seek to honor," she expressed.

Lareezy has accumulated more than 1M views and streams online with his music and he has never used profanity in a song. Furthermore, he has never degraded women in his music and even more importantly he is blatantly vocal about his stand against violence, specifically Black on Black violence. "We have to stop killing each other and we have a responsibility to take a stand against the violence that is affecting our community," said Lareezy at a recent performance at The Parlay Room in New Orleans.

His parents, Rasheed and Cheryl Salahuddin, have done a great job preparing him for the path he chose by teaching him business at an early age but allowing him the freedom to cultivate his gifts. Lareezy owns all his publishing and he is the owner of his own record label. "As parents, it is our job to show our kids the path to success but also to give them the tools they need to reach their goals. It's never easy. It truly does take a village and we have tried to create that kind of atmosphere for he and his brothers," said Rasheed Salahuddin.

Dr. Mona Lisa Scott and the 7th Ward Neighborhood and Business Association of New Orleans held a banquet on January 20 to honor Lareezy. He was presented a check for $2000 to help continue his positive impact and grow his brand even more. 

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