Parlay helps North Carolina A&T student intern at IBM

Parlay helps North Carolina A&T student intern at IBM

Meet Shannon Mosley, an inspiring student enrolled at the North Carolina A&T University, one of the nation's prominent Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Mosley's determination and ambition have propelled her towards success, but financial constraints threatened to hinder her dreams of interning at IBM. However, with the support of The Parlay Foundation and the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter, Mosley was able to secure the financial assistance she needed to make her aspirations a reality.

North Carolina A&T University has long been recognized for its commitment to providing excellent education and opportunities to African-American students. Mosley, a dedicated and motivated learner, found herself drawn to the world of technology and sought to enhance her skills through an internship with IBM in California. However, the financial burden of such an opportunity seemed insurmountable, threatening to derail her plans.

Fortunately, the Parlay Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young individuals to pursue their dreams, stepped in to help Mosley. Recognizing her potential and the invaluable experience she would gain from interning at IBM, the foundation provided the financial support necessary for her to embark on this transformative journey.

But it wasn't just the Parlay Foundation that contributed to Mosley's success. Her application for the scholarship was submitted by a leader within the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter. The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority is a renowned organization committed to community service, education, and empowerment, particularly among African-American women. Their support and recognition of Mosley's talent and potential further emphasized the significance of her internship opportunity.

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Parlay Foundation and the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter, Mosley was able to intern at IBM, a global technology company renowned for its innovation and cutting-edge advancements. Not only did this experience provide her with exposure to real-world applications of her studies, but it also allowed her to develop crucial skills and expand her professional network.

Mosley's story serves as a testament to the power of financial assistance and community support in helping aspiring individuals achieve their goals. It highlights the importance of organizations like the Parlay Foundation and the Delta Sigma Theta Alumni Chapter, whose dedication to education and empowerment enables students like Mosley to overcome financial barriers and pursue their dreams.

"Our supporters are awesome! We try to award a $500 scholarship to a different HBCU student each week. We are excited that Shannon will get the opportunity to intern at IBM in California. She has worked hard and we are glad we could be of assistance," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Founder.

As Shannon Mosley continues to excel in her academic and professional pursuits, her experience at IBM will undoubtedly be a stepping stone towards a bright and successful future. Through her hard work, determination, and the support she received, she serves as an inspiration to students everywhere, proving that with the right opportunities and assistance, dreams can become a reality, regardless of financial obstacles.

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