Parlay donates $R9000 to South Africa University

Parlay donates $R9000 to South Africa University

One of the goals of Parlay Foundation is to promote and excel the Black learning experience. Our organization has helped nearly 100 HBCU students in America with financial assistance to the student and even extended that help to students' families through donations from our supporters.

Recently, PF established a partnership with 'Wits University' (Univeristy of Witwatersband - Johannesburg, South Africa). Dr. Asad El Malik, an African-American professor at the university expressed the need for African-American and Native Africans to learn about each other's experiences in order to build a portal for global networking. "South African students should get the opportunity to learn from Black Americans and Black Americans need to learn from South Africans," said Reaux Fareal, Parlay Foundation Founder.

He and Dr. Malik began a partnership that will give Blacks in America the opportunity to travel to South Africa to learn but also give South Africans the opportunity to travel to America to learn. "I have seen the work that brother Reaux and the Parlay Foundation is doing. It is phenomenal! A partnership with an organization in America that actually cares about the educational growth of Black Americans is much needed around the world," said Dr. Malik. "There are so many networking opportunities in Johannesburg that many Blacks in America don't even know exist," he explained.

Wits University is one of the Top 200 Universities in the world and they have a curriculum devoted to African-American Culture and History. As a professor, Dr. Malik explained he has learned how similar the cultures are but also how different they are as well. "We have to educate Blacks in America on their real history and how much South Africa really does have to offer."

Reaux Fareal encouraged the Parlay Foundation to donate $R9000 ($9000 Rand) to the universities research program that will give Black Students in America scholarships to travel to South Africa to learn on their campus. Dr. Malik's organization in South Africa matched the Parlay Foundation's contribution.

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